The Case for Magical Meditation

2640 days ago | Self Help | victoria

The magic carpet ride was a big hit with my pre-k and kindergarten students. I used it as imagery in a guided meditation with them when they needed some help in calming down and relaxing. When I was done with it, they behaved as if they had just finished drinking a full cup of organic chamomile tea. Yes, they were floating on cloud nine, for real.

Meditation is an art. Your body and your mind get wonderful results when you practice it daily. It also gives you clarity and vision. Some consider it a healing art. I’m inclined to agree with them.

Several of my friends have told me stories about how their blood pressure was lowered and then stabilized from practicing meditation for only 15 minutes a day.

Others have told me how they use meditation in sports. For example, one of my friends said he will not go into any of his competitions without first meditating. He said he has a specific ritual. First he goes into a meditative state. Then he goes through his entire performance, visualizing and feeling every move he will make, kind of like a preview of the real thing. Then he gives gratitude for his successful performance. When he goes to compete, it actually manifests the desired outcome that he visualized in his meditation. And even better, it is achieved almost automatic, at subconscious levels.

I have one friend that used meditation for weight loss. She told me that it actually cured her of emotional eating. Her issue with emotional eating was being triggered by the different stress factors in her life. When she started meditating everyday she was able to minimize the stress. She achieved a deep relaxation that brought a soothing balance to her life.

I find that meditation helps me to relax and then enhances my intuition about almost everything. I get flashes of creative, inspiring, divine direction. Whatever I’m working on comes into sharper focus and I know how to move forward to achieve the desired outcome for my specific goals.

You can improve your health, save money, be more creative, eliminate stress, and live a more relaxed life simply by learning how to meditate and practicing it every day for only 15 minutes.

There are several wonderful guided meditations on the market. Try one! I’m sure it will be a help to you in all areas of your life. In today’s fast paced world, who couldn’t benefit from better health, and peace and relaxation?

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