My Brief Biography

Greetings and thank you for reading my biography.

I come from a family of generational healers. My grandmother was a herbologist. People came from near and far to get help with a variety of illnesses. They swore by her intuitive ability to assess their problems correctly and prescribe a natural cure for it.

My father grew up observing all of that and he made sure that all nine of us learned how to stay out of the hands of allopathic medicine and work with the natural medicines.

At an early age…I had the opportunity to see the difference between natural and synthetic medicines and how they acted on the human body.

I became an avid reader and researcher on both branches of medicine.

It soon became a no brainer for me which branch I would use and encourage all of my friends and family to use as well.

For over 25 years I have sort of evolved into the go to person for what “natural remedy” would work best for a wide variety of ailments.

Although I worked as a classroom teacher for many years, I also became a Kinesiology Practitioner. I have studied healing with herbology, homeopathy, magnets, sound, color, meridian energy balancing, and other natural remedies.

I have also studied organic foods as sources of healing and have grown beautiful gardens full of yummy foods. As a certified Bob Ross Landscape oil painter, I love making paintings of them too.

I will showcase your products and services to your customers in a light that compels them to make a purchase and feel good about it.

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