Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I hire you for one of my projects; do I have to pay you all the fees up front?
A. No. I require a 50% deposit up front.

Q. What methods can I use to pay you?
A. I accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Checks.

Q. Are revisions included with your copywriting service?
A. Yes, up to two revisions are included at no extra charge unless they are based on a change in the assignment made after the copy is submitted.

Q. How much time do I have to ask for revisions?
A. You have 30 days of the receipt of the first draft of copy to as for revisions.

Q. If I need a revision, how long will it take?
A. I will do my best to turn around minor revisions within 2 to 4 business days. Major revisions may take longer.

Q. What is your philosophy on meeting deadlines?
A. I understand the need to meet your deadline and unless there is a natural disaster, or a medical emergency…I will meet your deadline!

Q. When I hire you, what is the turnaround time I can expect to receive the copy from you?
A. Usually it takes 2 weeks. If it is an unusual circumstance and require a different time frame, I will let you know up front.

Q. Do you have a specific copywriting niche?
A. Yes, Alternative Health and Self Help.

Q. What services do you currently offer within your niche markets?
A. I offer copywriting service for Case Studies, White Papers, Website Content, Articles, Blogs, Search Engine Optimization, and Keyword Research.

Q. What if I need to hire you for a project and you are already booked up?
A. I would refer you to another talented copywriter if you had to have the project completed right away. My goal is for you to have your needs met so you can be prosperous in your business.

Q. If I need a graphic designer can you help with that too?
A. Yes, I know some very talented graphic designers that are both creative and timely that would be happy to help with your projects.

Q. What’s so special about Case Studies?
A. Case Studies are great for showing credibility and proof about your products and services. Although they are short, usually 2 to 4 pages, they are powerful, very effective marketing tools. They help you make a lot more money.